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Specialized occupations had their own headgear, such as Drill Instructors with their Campaign Hats. Military uniforms can signify many things about you and the image you portray.

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We offer women's coats and jackets in varied weights, so it's simple to find something new as the seasons change, or when you're traveling to a different region. Our women's jackets and coats come in varied colors and distinctive profiles, to keep you polished and comfortable wherever life takes you.

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Burgundy magnolia panel fitted coat. Pale pink 'Hazel' panel fitted coat. Known as the predecessor to MultiCam, the pattern was developed in by Crye Precision as a part of the advanced technology demonstration project called Objective Force Warrior , later renamed Future Force Warrior. Made up of green, brown and tan elements, Scorpion looks very similar to MultiCam. Crye created Scorpion under a military contract, potentially forfeiting all intellectual rights to the pattern.

In order to capitalize on the hard work put into developing Scorpion, Crye made small adjustments to the pattern for trademark purposes to create MultiCam. Like MultiCam, it was developed and modified in from the original Scorpion pattern.

The pattern still needs to be updated with IR technologies before it can be used for combat uniforms. The decision has been widely unpopular with Soldiers who claim the pattern yields poor results in most environments. However, in a statement to Gizmodo , an anonymous Army official claimed that the amount is closer to several million dollars. Only a few years after selecting UCP, the Army began looking for a new design. In , congress responded to soldier's concealment concerns by passing a bill requiring that the Department of Defense "take immediate action to provide combat uniforms to personnel deployed to Afghanistan with a camouflage pattern that is suited to the environment of Afghanistan.

The army began a four-phase research and testing process to find a new pattern. The Army's extensive camouflage testing includes photo simulation and actual field tests designed to determine effectiveness.

In , the Army entered the final phase of camouflage testing by awarding contracts to five vendors: Atlantic Diving Supply Inc. Instead of looking for just one pattern to appease all situations as was the case with UCP, this time the Army is looking for a family of patterns.

However, the Army has not confirmed this. Currently, the Army is testing in order to settle on the "bookend" patterns to round out the family of camouflage the branch envisioned. It's also suspected that TA is being tested. This testing appears to be geared toward selecting a Woodland variant. A desert-variant bookend test allegedly featuring OCP, 3-color desert and MARPAT desert camouflage is also in progress, although there is no information available on it.

Something notable about these images is that sand T-shirts are worn along with olive mojave USMC-issued boots. This indicates that the coyote brown boots the Army has selected to accompany the new OCP uniforms will look similar.

There is no information on what this might mean for the new uniforms. It was formed October 12, , as a part of the Army's initiative to create an innovative, lightweight combat system. The program was one of many soldier modernization projects started in the '90s. The intention was to take the most current technologies and conceptualize how to apply them in a way that would benefit Soldiers. Nanotechnology, powered exoskeletons and magnetorheological fluid a fluid that greatly increases viscosity when subjected to a magnetic field were all technologies the military believed could dramatically increase the effectiveness of Army forces.

Crye Precision, along with other firms, was tasked with redesigning clothing and armor to eliminate many of the issues that plagued Soldiers. Those included, but were not limited to, uniforms shrinking when washed; boot soles cracking after a few months use; and standard-issue shirts collecting sweat and not drying quickly.

Under this contract, Crye developed clothing and equipment prototypes unlike anything seen before. Crye's combat apparel was light, comfortable and easy to shed in an emergency. Four major military clothing and equipment innovations came from Crye's involvement with this project. This lightweight combat staple didn't exist until the Objective Force Warrior program. A moisture-wicking torso keeps Soldiers cool underneath armor while providing protection and concealment with camouflaged, reinforced duty sleeves.

Crye Precision developed this advanced take on body armor. Specialized, ergonomically engineered armor plates offer increased mobility to the wearer.

The style still influences key players in armor design. Troops consistently complained that ill-fitting, bulky helmets caused head and neck pain. Objective Force Warrior set out to solve this.

Although the helmets produced in this program lack the state-of-the-art design we see today, they paved the way for current high-tech styles that feature a close-to-the-head contour.

Crye Precision's AirFrame combat helmet is a perfect example of a product developed from the foundation Objective Force Warrior provided. Crye precision developed the Scorpion pattern under this contract. Afterwards, Crye Precision tweaked the Scorpion for commercial-use, creating the massively successful MultiCam pattern.

Crye Precision, originally Crye Associates, started in as a small design firm based out of New York. The company achieved notoriety when it won a contract to participate in the Objective Force Warrior project later referred to as Future Force Warrior. Its task was to design innovative apparel, equipment and systems in order to overhaul the way combat Soldiers gear up.

Crye Precision created Scorpion under the Objective Force Warrior contract and afterwards tweaked the pattern to develop MultiCam, a commercially available pattern that consistently achieves good results in government camouflage testing. The company now makes a wide range of commercially available military apparel, armor and equipment.

With commercial licenses available for OCP, who will be manufacturing the new garments? We've got the lowdown on the current key players in the uniform industry. Propper was established in by William T. Propper, an entrepreneur with a passion for manufacturing processes. Since then, Propper has manufactured more than million uniforms for the U. Currently, Propper doesn't have a prime contract with the Army for its combat uniform although the company does participate as a sub-contractor for nonsewing activities on an ACU contract.

However, the demand for uniforms that a new pattern would create might give the brand a chance at one. A spokesperson for Propper says it's possible the company will be awarded a contract for the new uniform.

Atlanco has been supplying the military with uniforms for more than 50 years. The company was founded by the Zaglin family in as a small military surplus. Still under the Zaglin family leadership, the company continues to be leading military supplier. In addition, Atlanco is behind Tru-Spec and Series, sub-brands that provide commercial gear to military and tactical professionals.

The brand says it has no plans to go after a military contract for uniforms. It appears your browser does not have javascript enabled. In order to check out, enable browser javascript and refresh the page. If you are still having problems, please contact our Customer Relations Department at It appears your browser does not have cookies enabled. In order to check out, enable browser cookies and refresh the page. Gender Men's Clothing Women's Clothing. Gender Men's Footwear Women's Footwear.

Army photo by Sgt. Everything that goes into the clothing bag coats, pants, boots, gloves etc. Digital tiger stripe ABU wear-out date: March, 31, OCP Uniform mandatory possession date: Collar Swaps a Mandarin style for a traditional fold-down collar. Sleeve Pen Pocket Only two pen pockets instead of the usual three.

Knees No more knee pads or patches. Changes Approved by Army Uniform Board 1. The mandarin collar is no more. Instead, you'll see a traditional fold-down design. Only two pen pockets instead of the usual three. Changes That Didn't Make the Cut It was under discussion that lower-leg pockets will be removed completely.

Crye MultiCam consistently tests better than other camouflage patterns on the market and has been a favorite of military professionals for years now. Scorpion History "Whatever we do, we're going to do in a fiscally responsible manner," said Col. April Wear-out date for digital tiger stripe ABU.

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