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Found this from facebook. Sending flowers online to philippines is easy with Filipinas gifts shop online. By the grace of God, He sent me a kind, forgiving and Godly man years after I had repented. Orenthia Ricketts Avon Representative since I read your article after my friend posted it on Facebook.

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Shop customer faves and share your own pics for a chance to be featured! Food and Drug Administration. Feminism has infected the church to the degree that men are simply avoiding women who display it. So they come out to write blogs and be angry about it. Anyway, great article here. And if you take anything as Gospel truth because you read it on the internet — newsflash: I am blown away.

I have been teaching the young men in my church to guard their hearts against the harlot Proverbs 7. Even amongst my fellow Christian men there is a fear of women that is in lockstep with American culture. Thank you so much. Debt, violence, addiction, suicide, divorce and overall unhappiness. Young men at this stage, especially the increasing number raised in fatherless households will appreciate and respect the perspective these words offer and it is only by reaching them, will you be able to reach the women.

This is an article by a Christian to Christians. That God provides that refuge is the good news, the Gospel. The heart must be changed, it needs to be born again, to be a new creature.

No woman or man with an unchanged heart will read this article and think to themselves, hey, this seems like a great idea. The hope is, however, that young Christian women will read it, and perhaps see that the narrow-path puts to shame the wide-path-preaching being drummed into the heads of every Christian from all quadrants day and night, even from Christendom itself.

This is a messege I feel greatly many young people are missing in these last days. I hope the Lord Jesus takes me home before I have to see much moore of this suffering and travailing in labor this old Earth is doing.

I for one am so glad my dauhgters have growned up to love Jesus. They know that the man comes first, and have learned to serve and be good obedient women in the home. She is a precious ruby in the sihgt of God. My little ones will never learn the evil ways of this world, teaching them they can learn or read by themselves, without the men to help them understand.

And of course my hubby reads to us at night from Holy Scipture. It saddens my heart her and so many other young girls like her are taught they have to fill their head with nonsense like math, or that evil evolution stuff the Lord teaches us we do not come from babboons!!

Tattoos are ugly, and so are pirceings! Why would beutiful women want to ruin their faces, or color their hair crazy colors, or listen to that rowdy rock and roll? Be godly, dont read books without men there to explain them to you, love that you get to make babies one day, and you will be happier!!!!

Did your husband read this to you too? So yeah, we women get to do those incredible things like raising kids and managing the home.

But also we get to read and learn and feel and think and experience him in the way only WE can understand. Otherwise I fear that the woman may leave her family for another man. What type of school are they attending?!?! I make six figures. If she wants to stay home, I want her there. But this is moot, because nobody has family value anymore. I love this article But you missed a few things: Thank you for sharing your opinion. I think it is timely and helpful.

Now if young people would read with an open mind and with a heart of understanding. As a guy who is also a debt-free virgin with no tatoos, I understand the self-sacrifice involved in each of those decisions. Thank you for acknowledging the value of these traits. While your comments may make some people uncomfortable, they also encourage me to live for Christ and not myself. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I very much like the format in which you wrote this.

Makes it seem like a dialogue instead of a pronouncement of right and wrong. How wonderfully refreshing to hear a true Christian woman whose heart is turned towards God. These same problems have been discussed many times in my circles of the hospital.

Keep the armor of God close. Common sense in a world gone mad. Thank you for this. The reaction this piece has gotten from modern xtians is appalling, and prima facie evidence of just how out of touch the modern church is with its roots and the law of God. Some of this will be very bluntly worded, but none of it is to attack anyone. The husband, of course. Men and women are not equal.

They are not the same. Whether you like hearing it or not, men and women age very differently! You keep writing, Lori!

Also, as Annette pointed out in her comment the points against college seem narrow-minded. They do, but where can one find such a woman? I live near Boston and every woman seems to dedicate her life here to be abything but what you describe. I write with no comment on your article—I write merely to inform you that today another blogger, Grayson Gilbert, has posted an article which criticizes some of the negative reactions to it. It is mostly a defense of your article.

At present it is accessible here: Thank you for posting Mr. His article was a great response and i hope those who read this will also read that. Lori, Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth in this wicked and perverse generation. Reading this blog entry made my day. Thank you, better, I thank Jesus for you. Our culture has become so pathological for a variety of reasons; extreme feminism just one awful example.

I spoken to my 18 year old son about a range of issues and have cautioned him regarding the quality of young ladies nowadays.

Fortunately he loves and respects me and has taken my words to heart. I fear for his future as he wants to marry and have a daughter some day, but he knows adventuring into the marriage mine field is quite a roll of the dice. I am always shocked at people who live happy lives because they followed the above advice, who then mock and adimadvert those who give it. The vast majority of women are not super special snowflakes of exceptional oddity.

Life is made of opportunity costs. Well done for writing it: Men, throughout history, and all around the globe, have preferred to marry virgins.

It is the way they are created. Had women realised that such behaviour jeopardises their chances of having a husband and children then they might have been disposed to reject feminism. Western males have become fools; duped, willing cuckolds who marry promiscuous women, with predictably disastrous results. No sane man wants to marry that sadly, men these days are ungodly, and thus foolish creatures.

Most women these days have had way more than 8 partners. They usually cross that number either before or in their first year of college. I would like to say: God forgives all who turn to him in repentance and we are called to be like Christ; so any man who immediately rules out a woman as worthless because she made mistakes in the past is not someone I would like to know.

Yes, and the post does not say that either Abigail. Our God is a redeeming God, but He first warns us as a loving Father to walk the right path. Do you believe God no longer wants His admonitions known within the church? There is far too much risk associated with a loose woman and far too little reward. This is very sound advice and unfortunately hurts some. I count my blessings every day when I remember the day 32 years ago that I asked a young lady to marry me.

She was a virgin, she was debt-free and she had no tattoos. After that time, we have raised three sons together, so she is no longer a virgin but still has no tattoos. I count my blessings every day when I remember that day. Would that there were more like her today!

You are so blessed! Yes Rudy, and this blog is written for Christian women. The men can teach what you are saying to the Christian men. And if you truly think you have that authority then your page is bust for me.

Be virgins and pure as the new-driven snow on their wedding nights; 3. But unfortunately both parents in many homes are too busy at a job outside the home to properly train their sons and daughters in the ways of the Lord. I am a single Christian man and I absolutely refuse to court a woman who has marked her body with disgusting pagan tattoos!

Also, it used to be the norm that a woman would be a virgin upon marriage, but now that is the smallest of a minority! Feminism teaches women to be as promiscuous as they can be. You spoke the truth and it hurt people. I have tattoos but they are very meaningful to me my dads signature- he went to heaven 4 years ago and I remained a debt free virgin until I met a debt free virgin.

Most of the detractors have no ground to stand on, so why pay them any attention short of showing examples for good Christian men to avoid? Very interesting blog post. Unless it means he is divorced, has been financially zeroed out with alimony and child support payments. Women care most about his fidelity in the here and now for all of its indications and implications to her own security, protection, resources and provisioning to her and her offspring.

This is normal and common. Why is it ok for men to be sluts, but not women!? Because men know that premarital sexual congress affects women differently, and that a woman with a roster of past sexual partners will likely struggle to have and hold a devoted and loyal relationship to him as her husband, no matter what he does or how he performs.

And men understand what such a woman represents to him in terms of legal and financial risk in modern day western society. And because human males want assurances of paternity and their own genetic success. Two thirds of this is held by women. Men tend to have more consumer credit card debt than women however. These two levels of debt do not balance out fairly, but it represents a significant barrier that both men and women more seriously consider for any future together.

Marriage rates are way down for a number of understandable reasons. And yet men are still marrying highly-educated, highly leveraged women. The propensity of such women to look down on such potential male suitors and husbands is truly astounding. If only we would consider the immense legal and financial risks of marriage which are strictly reserved for men.

One would think given the current field of play in intersexual relationships in modern times, women would come to the conclusion that a little more gratitude might be in order for such men. Men can become just as damaged by premarital sex, and furthermore, if you think it is fine for young Christian men to engage in sexual exploits then you must also be encouraging young Christian women to do so as well, as less you are promoting sodomy!

I expect more from a devout Christian such as yourself. Probably another one of those dang liberals trying to infiltrate the church and spread your pagan ideals onto the youth. I am a wife and mother to 3 with another on the way and your article is the true. Before marriage I was a promiscuous, tattoo bearing, indebted college athlete. By the grace of God, He sent me a kind, forgiving and Godly man years after I had repented. But it cost me dearly.

We decided before marriage that I would stay home, the children would be homeschooled and we would help our children down a better path. Is it easy living on one income, being a SAHM? I only wish I was better prepared.

Listen to this article and choose a better path! Thank you for willingly sharing your testimony so, hopefully, others will avoid the same mistakes. Marrying such a woman is playing Russian Roulette with 4 of the 6 chambers loaded.

Top animal breeders often will never again use a female for breeding, if even once a male unintended for her mounts her. Apparently, this traditional wisdom has been borne out by modern science, like so many things. July 24, at 2: Every day that a person bears a tattoo, they are in a state of unrepentant sin. As a Man of God in a misandrist satanic society i can affirm this that real men only want Godly women.

Even biology proves women must be a virgin to please a man. Any woman who is against this hates god and is a child of satan. All men say the same. Thank you for standing up for women by telling them the truth.

Good article, very biblical and a must read for every young maiden. One of my girls wants to get a music degree in piano at BJU so she can give lessons from home when God gives her children and a husband of course.

But she has to pay it off as she goes along. We made sure there is a good church to connect with. I think the perfect way is for them is to stay home until marriage, it does protect them.

And of course stay pure until marriage and no tattoos is also a biblical concept. I do believe that the deceiver has deceived many in the church, and we have embraced worldliness in every aspect, from home to church and reaping the consequences, just the way Christians respond to this makes it obvious. Pastor John Mc Arthur in the had a sermon on the woman role and it said the same and much more on this topic and today they would snarl at him.

We give in little by little to the lies and deceit and justify everything we want. An excellent article will share it with my kids. If you had written that men prefer fit, healthy chicks, no one would have batted an eye, even though there are a lot of unfit, unhealthy ladies out there, who, apparently, would now feel worthless because someone dared to point out the obvious. Now, why is that? I think looking at this article I have some things that I agree with but some that I disagree with.

It was also when I learnt to cook incidentally. In short, while I accept this may be unusual, learning to cook seems to happen more often than not in university. The Church where we met in question does have a lot of emphasis on biblical womanhood and manhood. Furthermore I think there is potentially a conflation of purity with being a virgin though I accept you probably do not conflate these two things.

There are some who have been sexually assaulted that have been driven away from God by this false teaching. Further, virgins can be really impure in thought and action. I also accept that cost of living is different in the USA, so that might be an issue here.

Even so the point still stands. Secondly I can see wisdom in a lot of what is said-whilst at university I encountered a lot of ideas that are antithetical to the gospel, so anyone not just women should count the potential cost.

So in short I do prefer and did prefer when single and I do praise praise God that my fiancee is a debt free virgin without tattoos, but I have caveats as stated above. What about what women want? When selecting a mate, Christian men have no right to consider how women have treated their bodies or bank accounts in the past. If they have repented, all of that is erased, along with the consequences.

Jesus accepts these women just as they are, and potential suitors should, too. Christian ladies, if this man now confesses Jesus, he should be no lower on your list of potential husbands than the handsome architecture graduate with a well-used gym membership who just showed up at church.

If he is, the problem is with you and the legalism that lives in your heart. God accepts everyone who repents of past sins. He has a clean slate with God, and that means he should have a clean slate on the dating market, too. This article is not for you. And this comment too may not be for you. This article is for virgins unmarried that would get married to, possibly, their equal a virgin. And yes, they ought present their best selves with much self respect.

They often marry the 60 percent of women, roughly speaking, that do have some or vast sexual experiences or experience. The emphasis is on the selfless gifting which "earns merit" and a future better life for the giver rather than on the relief of the poor or the recipient on whom the gift is bestowed.

Bowie's research among poorer Thai farmers shows, however, that this ideal form of gifting is limited to the rich who have the resources to endow temples, or sponsor the ordination of a monk. Poorer farmers place much less emphasis on merit making through gifts to monks and temples.

They equally validate gifting to beggars. Poverty and famine is widespread amongst these poorer groups, and by validating gift-giving to beggars, they are in fact demanding that the rich see to their needs in hard times. Bowie sees this as an example of a moral economy see below in which the poor use gossip and reputation as a means of resisting elite exploitation and pressuring them to ease their "this world" suffering.

The gift is said to embody the sins of the giver the "poison of the gift" , who it frees of evil by transmitting it to the recipient. The merit of the gift is dependent on finding a worthy recipient such as a Brahmin priest. Priests are supposed to be able to digest the sin through ritual action and transmit the gift with increment to someone of greater worth.

It is imperative that this be a true gift, with no reciprocity, or the evil will return. The gift is not intended to create any relationship between donor and recipient, and there should never be a return gift. Dana thus transgresses the so-called universal "norm of reciprocity".

The Children of Peace — were a utopian Quaker sect. Today, they are primarily remembered for the Sharon Temple , a national historic site and an architectural symbol of their vision of a society based on the values of peace, equality and social justice. They built this ornate temple to raise money for the poor, and built the province of Ontario's first shelter for the homeless. They took a lead role in the organization of the province's first co-operative, the Farmers' Storehouse , and opened the province's first credit union.

The group soon found that the charity they tried to distribute from their Temple fund endangered the poor. Accepting charity was a sign of indebtedness, and the debtor could be jailed without trial at the time ; this was the "poison of the gift". They thus transformed their charity fund into a credit union that loaned small sums like today's micro-credit institutions.

This is an example of singularization , as money was transformed into charity in the Temple ceremony, then shifted to an alternative exchange sphere as a loan. Interest on the loan was then singularized, and transformed back into charity. Non-commodified spheres of exchange exist in relation to the market economy. They are created through the processes of singularization as specific objects are de-commodified for a variety of reasons and enter an alternative exchange sphere.

As in the case of organ donation, this may be the result of an ideological opposition to the "traffic in humans". In other cases, it is in opposition to the market and to its perceived greed. It may, however, be used by corporations as a means of creating a sense of endebtedness and loyalty in customers.

Modern marketing techniques often aim at infusing commodity exchange with features of gift exchange, thus blurring the presumably sharp distinction between gifts and commodities. Market economies tend to reduce everything — "including human beings, their labor, and their reproductive capacity" [ citation needed ] — to the status of commodities. The rapid transfer of organ transplant technology to the third world has created a trade in organs, with sick bodies travelling to the global south for transplants, and healthy organs from the global south being transported to the richer global north, "creating a kind of 'Kula ring' of bodies and body parts.

In North America, it is illegal to sell organs, and citizens are enjoined to give the "gift of life" and donate their organs in an organ gift economy. Unlike body organs, blood and semen have been successfully and legally commodified in the United States.

Blood and semen can thus be commodified, but once consumed are "the gift of life". Although both can be either donated or sold, are perceived as the "gift of life" yet are stored in "banks", and can be collected only under strict government regulated procedures, recipients very clearly prefer altruistically donated semen and blood. Ironically, the blood and semen samples with the highest market value are those that have been altruistically donated. The recipients view semen as storing the potential characteristics of their unborn child in its DNA, and value altruism over greed.

Engineers, scientists and software developers have created free software projects such as the Linux kernel and the GNU operating system. They are prototypical examples for the gift economy's prominence in the technology sector, and its active role in instating the use of permissive free software and copyleft licenses, which allow free reuse of software and knowledge. Other examples include file-sharing , open access , unlicensed software Many retail organizations have "gift" programs meant to encourage customer loyalty to their establishments.

Bird-David and Darr refer to these as hybrid "mass-gifts" which are neither gift nor commodity. They are called mass-gifts because they are given away in large numbers "free with purchase" in a mass-consumption environment. They give as an example two bars of soap in which one is given free with purchase: The mass-gift both affirms the distinct difference between gift and commodity while confusing it at the same time.

As with gifting, mass-gifts are used to create a social relationship. They are similar to charity shops , with mostly second-hand items—only everything is available at no cost. Whether it is a book , a piece of furniture , a garment or a household item, it is all freely given away, although some operate a one-in, one-out—type policy swap shops. The free store is a form of constructive direct action that provides a shopping alternative to a monetary framework, allowing people to exchange goods and services outside of a money-based economy.

The anarchist s countercultural group The Diggers [60] opened free stores which simply gave away their stock, provided free food, distributed free drugs, gave away money, organized free music concerts, and performed works of political art.

Today the idea is kept alive by the new generations of social centres , anarchists and environmentalists who view the idea as an intriguing way to raise awareness about consumer culture and to promote the reuse of commodities. The event is described as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.

The event forbids commerce except for ice, coffee, and tickets to the event itself [64] and encourages gifting. The practice of gifting at Burning Man is also documented by the documentary film "Gifting It: The Currency of Giving [encore]". According to the Associated Press, "Gift-giving has long been a part of marijuana culture" and has accompanied legalization in U. Possession, growth, and use of the drug by adults is legal in the District, as is giving it away, but sale and barter of it is not, in effect attempting to create a gift economy.

Many anarchists, particularly anarcho-primitivists and anarcho-communists , believe that variations on a gift economy may be the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Therefore, they often desire to refashion all of society into a gift economy.

Anarcho-communists advocate a gift economy as an ideal, with neither money, nor markets, nor central planning. This view traces back at least to Peter Kropotkin , who saw in the hunter-gatherer tribes he had visited the paradigm of " mutual aid ".

As an intellectual abstraction, mutual aid was developed and advanced by mutualism or labor insurance systems and thus trade unions , and has been also used in cooperatives and other civil society movements. Typically, mutual-aid groups will be free to join and participate in, and all activities will be voluntary. They are often structured as non-hierarchical , non-bureaucratic non-profit organizations , with members controlling all resources and no external financial or professional support.

They are member-led and member-organized. They are egalitarian in nature, and designed to support participatory democracy , equality of member status and power, and shared leadership and cooperative decision-making. Members' external societal status is considered irrelevant inside the group: Thompson wrote of the moral economy of the poor in the context of widespread English food riots in the English countryside in the late eighteenth century.

According to Thompson these riots were generally peaceable acts that demonstrated a common political culture rooted in feudal rights to "set the price" of essential goods in the market. These peasants held that a traditional "fair price" was more important to the community than a "free" market price and they punished large farmers who sold their surpluses at higher prices outside the village while there were still those in need within the village.

A moral economy is thus an attempt to preserve an alternative exchange sphere from market penetration. Scott points out, however, that those who provide this subsistence insurance to the poor in bad years are wealthy patrons who exact a political cost for their aid; this aid is given to recruit followers. The concept of moral economy has been used to explain why peasants in a number of colonial contexts, such as the Vietnam War, have rebelled.

Some may confuse common property regimes with gift exchange systems. These resources are held in common, not owned privately. When commonly held property is transformed into private property this process alternatively is termed " enclosure " or more commonly, "privatization". A person who has a right in, or over, common land jointly with another or others is called a commoner.

There are a number of important aspects that can be used to describe true commons. The first is that the commons cannot be commodified — if they are, they cease to be commons. The second aspect is that unlike private property, the commons are inclusive rather than exclusive — their nature is to share ownership as widely, rather than as narrowly, as possible. The third aspect is that the assets in commons are meant to be preserved regardless of their return of capital. Just as we receive them as a shared right, so we have a duty to pass them on to future generations in at least the same condition as we received them.

If we can add to their value, so much the better, but at a minimum we must not degrade them, and we certainly have no right to destroy them. Free content, or free information, is any kind of functional work, artwork , or other creative content that meets the definition of a free cultural work.

Although different definitions are used, free content is legally similar if not identical to open content. An analogy is the use of the rival terms free software and open source which describe ideological differences rather than legal ones.

Free content encompasses all works in the public domain and also those copyrighted works whose licenses honor and uphold the freedoms mentioned above. Because copyright law in most countries by default grants copyright holders monopolistic control over their creations, copyright content must be explicitly declared free, usually by the referencing or inclusion of licensing statements from within the work.

Though a work which is in the public domain because its copyright has expired is considered free, it can become non-free again if the copyright law changes. Information is particularly suited to gift economies, as information is a nonrival good and can be gifted at practically no cost zero marginal cost. Markus Giesler in his ethnography Consumer Gift System , described music downloading as a system of social solidarity based on gift transactions.

This form of gift economy was a model for online services such as Napster , which focused on music sharing and was later sued for copyright infringement. Nonetheless, online file sharing persists in various forms such as Bit Torrent and Direct download link. A number of communications and intellectual property experts such as Henry Jenkins and Lawrence Lessig have described file-sharing as a form of gift exchange which provides numerous benefits to artists and consumers alike.

They have argued that file sharing fosters community among distributors and allows for a more equitable distribution of media. In his essay " Homesteading the Noosphere ", noted computer programmer Eric S. Raymond said that free and open-source software developers have created "a 'gift culture' in which participants compete for prestige by giving time, energy, and creativity away". Consequently, the developer may find more opportunities to work with other developers.

However, prestige is not the only motivator for the giving of lines of code. An anthropological study of the Fedora community, as part of a master's study at the University of North Texas in , found that common reasons given by contributors were "learning for the joy of learning and collaborating with interesting and smart people". Motivation for personal gain, such as career benefits, was more rarely reported. Many of those surveyed said things like, "Mainly I contribute just to make it work for me", and "programmers develop software to 'scratch an itch ' ".

The firms' and the employees' motivations in such cases are less clear. Members of the Linux community often speak of their community as a gift economy. Collaborative works are works created by an open community. The concept of a gift economy has played a large role in works of fiction about alternative societies, especially in works of science fiction.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on Economic , applied , and development anthropology Basic concepts. Hunting-gathering Pastoralism Nomadic pastoralism Shifting cultivation Moral economy Peasant economics. Original affluent society Formalist vs substantivist debate The Great Transformation Peasant economics Culture of poverty Political economy State formation Nutritional anthropology Heritage commodification Anthropology of development.

See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Neoliberalism and Global Order. Deep Green Resistance Democracy Now! Common property Private Public Voluntary. Collective ownership Commons Private ownership Public ownership Social ownership.

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