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My 9 month old wears the same, 12 months or 18/24 months. He is 22 pounds and. 30 inches, 93rd percentile for height, he was 9 pounds at birth and doubled his weight at 6 months, textbook. People's perception is off most of the time, when they say big reply with yes, he's healthy thank you.

Also, for times when it's not quite warm enough for the winter fleece footed jammies, Children's Place sells some very nice lighter weight footed pajamas. Fold it again 0. Training pants size 2t. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Iron out your pattern pieces Take one sleeve and lay it out with wide side facing you.

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So funny how growth patterns are different for each kid! My baby had to wear 3 month sleepers when she was just a few days old because she was so long! I tried to squeeze her into month for a few weeks but she's pretty solidly just in 3 month sizes now.

She was 1 month this past Thursday. She was born 9. I was so terrified of having a big baby I had no idea she was so big when I was pregnant! I grew a giant baby and pushed her out of me! Love my big baby: My baby boy barely fit into newborn clothes from day one! He was 9lbs 6 oz at birth, but not fat at all. The newborn sleepers we put him in the hospital would pull down on his shoulders. He's been in mth sleepers since week two. He wears 3 mth clothes for everything else.

No tiny baby here. My boy is 6 weeks and wearing 3 months size. He can still fit some too. If you register for baby clothing, choose larger sizes such as 6 months or 12 months, as these are sizes baby is likely to be in for the longest. Some people will indulge in buying the cutest newborn outfits they see despite what you register for. Baby clothing begins with preemie sizes, which will usually fit the tiniest babies, those under 6 pounds. Newborn is supposed to fit month olds; then month size, months, months, then 12 months, 18 months and 24 months.

It sounds fairly simple and straightforward, doesn't it? You know how old your child is, so you should know what size to buy, right? Well, it's not as simple as they make it out to be. Different manufacturers have different sizing charts, but to get a general idea, here are the basics of the size chart for Carter's. For average-sized babies, going up one size from their age is a pretty reliable rule of thumb.

So if you have a 6 month old, buy size 9 month clothing. Another guide is to buy double a child's age, so buy 12 month clothing for a 6 month old. Never use age as a barometer, instead look at weight or length. Also, don't forget about shrinkage as in such small sizes, a bit of shrinking can make a good bit of difference.

Buy very little, if any newborn clothing. There will be enough on hand most likely from friends' and family's gifts. Keep the tags or receipts for everything! Nothing is so disappointing as reaching for the precious little outfit, only to realize baby outgrew it before wearing it even once.

Unless there is reason to suspect baby is exceptionally small, don't buy preemie clothing just in case. If it is needed, someone will have time to buy a few items for you before you and baby leave the hospital.

I know, because it happened to me with my youngest! If baby does need preemie clothing, don't expect it to last long. Try not to use a heavy sleeper because they get extra hot and they can't tell us.

Just get a cotton or cotton terry cloth one piece with legs but without feet for sleeping and get a medium weight cotton blanket for babies and start putting the blanket on her lower half, waist down and see how she does with that.

I wouldn't tuck anything in or pull the blanket up past her waist. She may kick the blanket around or sleep perfectly sound with it. You will have to see how she does. At first I had to pull the blanket back up to my son's waist once during the night for a few weeks, but after that he was fine. Good luck going back to work!! There are few things cuter than a toddler in their footsie pjs: They had light blankets, or a flannel top sheet, too, but the footsies were the key to a warm night's sleep.

My son is almost 23 months old and has never slept with a blanket. He hates them, and in his sleep, usually kicks them off. I tried for a long time to get him to sleep with a blanket when we lived back East in the COLD, but there would be times he would wake up as soon as I put the blanket on him!

Blankets aren't necessarily the answer to staying warm. I think it's more to make US feel better: My son was born June and we've had him in footsie pjs since 12 months. We put him down with a blanket though he usually ends up curled on TOP of the blanket. The pjs keep him nice and toasty and I have peace of mind throughout the nice that he's warm enough. We also shopped Costco for their Carter's jammies and because they are designed to be tighter around the limbs, they won't tangle him up as the sleep sac did.

As an aside, my hubby and I got a space heater after checking with our pediatrician last winter and set the thermostat on the space heater at a constant comfortable temp. We did need to use the humidifier more because if that, but I'd rather heat the baby's room than the whole house!

Just remember that she is as comfortable or uncomfortable as yourself, so when you find that you need to bundle up before bed, she probably does, too. Best of luck finding the right thing! We started this when they were a bit over a year they were born in August and it continues even now at 5 years old. Sometimes when it is really cold, I will make them wear an undershirt.

We do not use the heater at night, even during the winter. This way I know they are warm, even if they kick the blankets off. My baby girl is almost 8 months and has never gone to bed with a blanket either--always a sleep sack. I am planning on continuing with the sleep sacks till she's too big for them! I like that they keep the temperature the same for them in there and that they can't kick them off.

We've used the light-weight one in summer and thicker one when the weather is cool. We are due for the next size up soon. I remember when she was tiny in it!

We use the blanket sleepers with feet for my 2 year old and they seem to work great. We introduced a blanket for her, but it is more for comfort. I read once that kids won't keep a blanket on at night until they are around 4. If you do get a blanket, often throws are cheaper than crib blankets, and essentially the same size, plus they come in a lot of colors. Just get one without fringe! I don't think blankets work all that great in cribs, chances are it will get kicked off and serve no purpose.

I don't think I ever used one with my kids until the hit the bed. Depending on the weather, I either used cozy footed PJs or a sleep sack. But if your daughter's not doing well in hers, I suggest you just use footie PJs. One Step makes a sleep sac with legs. My friend told me that they are on back order on their website, but they make a great investment for the winter. The idea is really great if your daughter is getting tangled up a bit in the normal sac.

I too agree on the layering effect. Start with light weight cotton PJ's and finish off with the heavier footed PJ's.

My 9 month old son sleeps with a blanket just fine. When I started putting a blanket on him, I put it on from the waist down and he did fine. Now I can cover him up and he pretty much stays covered all night.

Good luck and stay warm this winter. We just put him in 2 piece PJ's or the ones with feet and his blankie and he is great with it. I just check him a lot and of course have a monitor to listen in at night. I have the same advice As one mom said, there's nothing cuter than a kid in feety jammies! I know I found the flannel crib sheets at Babies R Us but you may also be able to find them at Target.

I like them becuase when they kick the blankets off they dont get cold.

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