Best Books for 9 Year Olds (4th Graders)

I was asked this week to contribute to an article for the Huffington Post UK. The last time they asked for my thoughts it was for my fashion advice about what I thought all year-olds needed to .

I think it is great that you used that as a teachable moment. I had no idea her little puppy teeth would be able to reach into our berber carpet and start pulling out chunks.

Going through the day, I’m pretty proud of myself for not yelling at my kids and for calmly (can we say “beatifically” with a straight face?) singing about cleaning up toys while my two-year-old alternates between cleaning up toys and rolling around on the floor (why?!), decidedly not cleaning up toys. I’m pretty pleased that both kids are happy and healthy and, let’s be honest.
The Cardboard Crafter said. Very cute, I bet it's going to be a lovely wedding. And I can totally relate to not having much time to do ANYTHING! I have a 4-year-old and two 2-year-olds.
The Cardboard Crafter said. Very cute, I bet it's going to be a lovely wedding. And I can totally relate to not having much time to do ANYTHING! I have a 4-year-old and two 2-year-olds.
Such a great little feel good movie! It brought back long ago bittersweet memories of being an awkward thirteen years old. It was an amazing change of character on what she had been as a thirty year old prior to the fast forward thirteen going on thirty person she became overnight.
Going through the day, I’m pretty proud of myself for not yelling at my kids and for calmly (can we say “beatifically” with a straight face?) singing about cleaning up toys while my two-year-old alternates between cleaning up toys and rolling around on the floor (why?!), decidedly not cleaning up toys. I’m pretty pleased that both kids are happy and healthy and, let’s be honest.

Best Books for 9 Year Old Boys and Girls (4th Graders)

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Now I feel free. I finally have a meaningful relationship with a woman. I plan to ask her to marry me soon. Because I had saved my sperms before experimenting with hormones, we can have children even if my body does not produce good ones any more. The best part about our relationship is that she met me when I was presenting as female.

She loves the person I am on the inside. And seeing her, my parents have come around too. They realize their mistake of hindering my self-expression when I was little. Please consult more psychologists.

You are making a mistake by not getting more opinions. I have met several psychologists while I struggled with my gender. I realize that there are about four schools of thought about gender experimentation among little children. You are presenting only one school of thought here. A Toronto psychologist is actually famous for his very restrictive thinking about gender exploration.

Please look elsewhere too before you impose restrictions on your child. Even if Josh does not oppose you just as I did not object to my parents when they restricted me and I never talked about my gender struggles with them , Josh probably has an interest in exploring. He is not necessarily gay or transsexual just because he crossdresses.

Please do not let your fears and prejudices affect his later life. I am a boy an every day wear skirts,leggings,panties. I whenever go out i take out my skirt and wear trousers. My all friends wear these things. One day while playing i was adjusting my panties. One of friend asked me what are u doing I answered just adjusting my panties.

That time i was i was in skirt , legging, and panties. I like to wear girls clothing and i am not a gay. I talked my son into dressing as a girl for a halloween party when he was 9. Bought him the works at Walmart. When he got home from the party he stayed in the clothes the rest of the evening. I decided we should discuss it and he eventually admitted that he really enjoyed wearing the clothes.

We came to an agreement that on occassion it wouid be okay to dress up at home only and should remain our secret. That was 3 yrs ago. Funny thing is a couple times when shopping he decreatly pointed out a dress or shoes he liked. You better listen to your doctor so that you can remain ignorant and make sure that your son lives for other people because what he wants or needs does not count, he must do this to ensure a nurotic outlook on life which will ensure a nervous breakdown later in life…plus total failure of being human.

How could you be so horrible. No child should ever have to compromise with society on such a benin matter as choice of clothing, and no adult should either for that matter! And by the way that therapist must be a quack. He simply has recognized the tension that exists between the adults in his life, and decided to bury and hide his desires in order to bring peace among the adults in his life.

Do we all think young boys are stupid. They look around the world about them and see that girls are free to wear and do absolutely anything they want.

Quite often they are accused of being gay or having some kind of gender dysphonia. They learn quickly to bury and hide their preferences for things that are considered feminine only to find themselves fighting a war inside themselves that often will lead to self medication with illegal drugs and eventually attempting or successfully committing suicide. Girls on the other hand are encouraged to kick down any gender barriers that may exist and take on and beat the boys at their own game.

They are praised by everyone when they kick the boys butts. Women and girls can open up any males dresser drawer or closet door and put on any garment they find without anyone accusing them of having any kind of gender or emotional problem.

Women and girls are free and young boys can see that and realize at the same time they are locked up in this little box called masculinity with all its rules about behavior, and they are never permitted to leave or escape for even a moment. Why are we so afraid to let boys find pleasure in what they wear?

Why are we so afraid to let our boys feel pretty and desirable to look at? Are we afraid that they somehow will grow up to be weaklings, unable to defend the country if called to do so? If you think so then why are you not protesting women in the military?

Today almost nearly every job in the military is open to women including many combat roles. Gender roles in society are changing in nearly every country in the world as women move into the positions of power and control that men used to enjoy almost exclusively. Men are now being encouraged to become stay-at-home fathers in situations where the wife earns enough money to do so. We are not afraid to let men take on the role of being the wife in the family taking care of the domestic duties, while the woman brings home the bacon.

When I go shopping at the malls, or any social function, or even when going to church there is something vastly different from what I would have observed when I was a child.

When I was a child women and girls wore skirts and dresses; men and boys wore pants. Today when I do these things nearly all the women and girls are wearing pants or some form a pant style garment. It is rare that I see a woman or girl wearing a skirt or dress. I wore girl clothes on and off for the 17 years of my life. I am a normal teenage boy with a good, strong relationship going with my girlfriend for three months now. As for what that doctor said, it seems idiotic, the only thing five year olds know is girls usually have longer hair; they know nothing else, so how does it affect them?

So These days when a girl steps out. Sorry, my mind can go dark like that. Jusr remember that a human being is just a human being at their center. A lot of what I read is BS. My mother needed something to test her sewing on. She was a seamstress and was making dresses for the girls at school. I was put in panties, garter belt with nylons, hi-heels, bra and sometimes a nylon or satin slip most everyday.

I finally got to where I enjoyed it so much, that I would dress every day after school, and later often would wear lingerie to school under my male clothing.

And by the way my wife and I had two boys that when they reached 10 we offered panties, the panties were placed in their drawer, and over a period of years they were never moved. I dressed in lingerie and some times a dress or stretch white pants that my wife purchased for me the pants were thin so that if you looked you could see my pink panties every day after work, my children and their friends saw me dressed.

Our son and daughter are 3 years apart,with the daughter the oldest. We are catholic and finially had both of them baptized when they were 14 and 11 at easter vigil. Later that following week,i came home from shopping and the son was home from school and i walked into his room and caught him with his sisters baptism outfit on,including the diaper and rubberpants!

I asked him what he was doing and he admitted that he liked the way sis looked and wanted to try on her outfit and look like a baby like she did. Dad then spanked the son when he got home from work. I am the mom of a 10 year old daughter with a different problem,she likes to wear cloth baby diapers and plastic pants! She made her First holy communion 2 years ago at age 8 and per the parish dress code,all the girls had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their white tights with their communion dresses and veils.

She liked wearing the diaper and rubberpants under her tights and has worn them at christmas and easter and for a wedding! What do i do,she wants to keep on wearing them.

To valerie m-I have the same problem as you only my daughter is 15! I would suggest to consult your doctor or a family planning organization to find out the best therapy for your daughter if she needs it.

It appears your daughter does not want to grow up. This sentiment is not abnormal in its own, but combined with wearing diapers is somewhat odd. Some boys are just drawn to it! Cosplay is another sign of changing attitudes. Many countries in the world now embrace non-specific gender, Japan leading the way. An Asian airline now has an entire group of trans-gendered stewardesses. More and more men are being born with less masculine features, and more and more of them are becoming trans-gendered.

There are unisex clothes, jewelry, watches, even make-up for men. More and more men are keeping their bodies clean shaven and using products to keep their skin soft and youthful.

Just look on the Web, at how many sites are dedicate to young trans-genders, some are now being accepted in schools and living as females. I am one of them. I like to do guy things — ride motor bikes and play footie and go camping. I just also like to wear womens clothes and I wish it were socially acceptable.

To Karen and Valerie-I feel that your daughters wanting to wear the diapers and rubberpants are no different than the boys wanting to wear dresses and panties,etc. As the mom of three beautiful teen daughters,all a little over a year apart,all three of them have worn diapers as teens for various occasions and even slumber parties!

They wore cloth diapers and rubberpants in weddings as flower girls,for their First Communions,Easter,Christmas,Confirmation,etc. All three of them have been to slumber parties where all the girls wore diapers and acted like babies to have fun and be cute.

I feel it is more natural for girls to wear diapers than it is for boys to wear dresses. She has worn them under her easter dresses and christmas dresses for the past years since she was a little girl. Last fall when she was confirmed,our parish requires the white,poofy,short sleeve,floor length dresses and veil with gloves,tights and white shoes for all the girls.

The morning of the ceremony,she put on one of the pampers size 8,then put her rubberpants on over it,then the tights,and a camisole,then her dress ,veil,shoes and gloves. She looked gorgeous in the outfit and told me later that the pampers and rubberpants made her feel more pure in her white outfit.

Por tradición los hombres desde siempre se habían vestido con faldas, solo hace años que los obligaron a usar pantalón. El pantalón es la prenda menos adecuada para un hombre; el calzoncillo bóxer, hace las veces de férula en los genitales, propiciando mal funcionamiento, y discapacidades , la costura central del pantalón maltrata, magulla e incomoda todo el tiempo los genitales; la correa o cinturón hace las veces de torniquete, y obliga al corazón a bombear la sangre con mayor esfuerzo, para vencer la contracción que hace el torniquete , y por mala irrigacion sanguínea afecta: Ademas con el uso del pantalón el hombre ha terminado orinando de pie lo cual es totalmente antinatural.

I would let him wear what ever he wants even if it is a skirt or dresses becaese I have a son that wears dresses,skirts,tights just like his sisters do. When a boy feels more comfortable dressing as a girl, I feel he could be feeling positive idea of experiencing more protection, support, love, care, attention, etc.

There is also much less kindness, care, kind verbal interaction, and other protections for fear of coddling. I feel children at a young age really feel those differences in treatment. Those persons who oppose boys dressing as girls appear to be so intent on making boys tough, they will not tolerate a boy who wishes to escape the more harsh treatment boys as they see it, must undergo to make them tough.

Too bad the the more harsh treatment given boys is creating many shortcoming in the information age, while the much more kind, stable, verbal interaction, and many other supports from parents, teachers, and peers are creating so many good things for us as girls and women. Smile and move forward towards the other person. And listen to what they have to say. They will appreciate it and warm to you, increasing your own feelings of self esteem. Wendy, you are so right!

I love this advice. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the comments about women 60 up I have always loved fashion. Love to shop an wear nice clothes. Your comments really made me feel good. I will be 62 in one month I ready for a new outfit to celebrate life. Talking to my year-old self about fashion.

There are more areas to decorate than your waistline, like your wrist! You matter and fashion can help you understand just how much you matter.

October 5, By Brenda. The 15th annual Fashion Quiz—did you trend or offend in ? Previous Post Next Post. Reply Annette October 5, at Reply Brenda October 6, at 6: October 6, at 7: Reply Brenda October 6, at 8: Reply Mary Kiningham October 6, at 8: Reply Brenda October 6, at 9: Reply Mary Craig October 6, at 9: I appreciate your comment!

Reply Amy Roseveare October 6, at 9: And I have to say that this advice applies to me at 47 as well. Reply Brenda October 6, at Reply Penelope Chandra- Shekar October 6, at Reply Brenda October 6, at 5: Reply Ruthanne October 6, at Reply jodie filogomo October 6, at Reply Katherine Cramer October 6, at 2: Reply Dana Lynch October 6, at 8: Reply CC October 7, at Reply Brenda October 7, at 5: Reply Theresa November 14, at 8: Reply Brenda November 15, at 5: Reply Imogen Lamport October 7, at 2: And great advice that can be applied to so many whatever their age.

October 7, at 3: Reply Peg levy March 24, at 5: Reply Brenda March 24, at 6: Reply Nomi November 29, at Reply Brenda November 29, at 7: Reply Constance October 9, at 1: Reply Brenda October 10, at Reply Jeanne F Patterson October 13, at Reply Brenda October 14, at 7: Reply Bonnie McManus October 15, at 7: Reply Brenda October 15, at Reply Theresa Anstett October 21, at Reply Brenda October 21, at Thanks for the encouragement!

Reply Lorrie October 26, at 9: Reply Brenda October 27, at 7: Reply Jeanne Lageson November 26, at 4: Reply Brenda November 27, at 1: Reply Maureen Kearns December 18, at 4: Reply Brenda December 18, at 6: Reply Linda February 14, at 2: Reply Brenda February 14, at 3: Reply Suzanne Dekyvere March 9, at Reply Brenda March 11, at Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!

Reply Donna March 24, at Reply Karen Reiter November 15, at 4: Reply Brenda November 17, at 9: Reply M January 2, at 9: We all should not take ourselves so seriously and enjoy everyday. March 13, at 6: Reply Brenda March 15, at 6: Reply Wendy Fitzgerald May 17, at 6: He is a pedophile and should not be around child. Thanks for a reasonable and well balanced article it is refreshing to hear common sense: I totally agree that we think about modesty the wrong way.

I'm Mormon but was raised minimal protestant, learning about modesty has definitely been a process for me. When I was in Utah for a wedding I saw little girls wearing bike shorts over tights under dresses! That seemed like overkill to me. There are these things called skirt slip extenders you could look into for your daughter. Some are sold on etsy. They're slips with fun ruffles or lace or something on the bottom that you can wear under shorter dresses to extend them.

We love modest dress too! They're dresses are cute, long, easily hemmed and cheap! I'm ashamed at my use of they're! We have one of those skirt extenders from a specialty kids store in Memphis, I had no idea they were a thing. They're really cute though and definitely extend the life of dresses.

It's so beautiful you don't even notice that it's modest! I see your patterns are primarily from the 's. As another woman pointed out, up until the 's, longer dresses were preferred for girls of all ages and sometimes even boys. So what happened to change that? The correlation between women wearing less and demanding more is difficult to deny You shall know a tree by its fruits.

The fruits of Women's Lib were ripe for the pickin' in the mid 60's and 70's, weren't they? Enter the Sexual Revolution. I can't help but wonder if that generation of little girls, running around with their underwear showing and swimming naked very common practices back then had longer lasting effects than anyone imagined After all, it was that generation born in the 40's and 50's that took part in the Sexual Revolution.

Also, what does Church Teaching say in regards to modesty? Does it say that at a certain age only, like at The Age of Reason, modesty should be put into practice? I was under the impression that it was from the get-go There are very definite guidelines, and it's at risk to our own souls if we choose to disregard them.

As far as skirt length in the s and such So skirts were longer overall, yes, but they were still shorter for little girls than grown women. I've been thinking this for years less articulately because as a teenager shopping for clothes was next to impossible. Now as a mom, I am dreading when my kids get older and our options for clothes become less and less modest. Maybe fashion will change then, and clothes will start getting longer soon. One can only hope! It must be hive mind. And thanks for your thoughts!

I read a book a few years ago called "The Lost Art of Dress" which talked about how in the past little kids wore short skirts so that they could play. It was interesting that teenagers really wanted to wear the long, draped dresses that women were allowed to wear. When mini skirts hit the scene in the 60's the "dress doctors" were appalled mostly because they thought it made the women look like toddlers! We don't always have to agree, where's the fun in that?

But no name calling or speculating about what people "really" think or mean. Sorry, no more anonymous comments. Then use your html cheat sheet: I tend to get mailbag questions in bunches.

All of a sudden, I'll get a flurry of questions on similar topics. Maybe it's some sort of hive mind phenomena? But there you have it. The most recent wave was on kids and modesty.

And the questions got me wondering myself. My son and daughter are almost four years apart, but they both still feel very young to me. They love taking a bath together, and I never think twice about changing them around each other etc.

But, my husband thinks my son might be getting too old for that I've also wondered about possibly having them share a room some time in the future and whether or not that would be "awkward. I know your kids don't have that big of a gap between them, but they certainly span that distance How do you handle stuff like that?

Is it just a non-issue or do you have firm family "rules" or "boundaries"? Concerns like this and we all have them are, empirically speaking, complete nonsense. Modesty is a concept tied to sexuality.

Since little kids are not sexual, they also shouldn't have to be modest. Look at old movies from the forties and fifties, little girls are wearing dresses that barely cover their frilly unders. The kids and I recently read a book called Caddie Woodlawn , set in , in which eleven year-old Caddie and her two-years-older and -younger brothers have to cross a river, so they all take their clothes off, bundle them up on their heads and wade across.

I am WAY behind on my mailbag. Like, a month behind. Between keeping up the blog, writing for Blessed is She about the devil , the printables and custom work at the Etsy shop , the mugs and t-shirts and pint glasses at t he Cafepress shop , the fixing up of the house we bought , and the general care, feeding, and education of my children. I am fresh out of time to respond to emails. But if you wrote to me to ask a question, please know that I got it.

I composed an answer to you in my head. But I haven't typed it up yet. It is my sincere intention to do so sometime in the near future.

Fashion advice for the woman over 60: Do not be afraid!

Product Features Delivery Time:prime in stock. So you could receive the dress very soon. Here is a long list of the best chapter books for fourth grade 9-year old boys and girls that I have reviewed and recommend. I was asked this week to contribute to an article for the Huffington Post UK. The last time they asked for my thoughts it was for my fashion advice about what I thought all year-olds needed to .

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