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However, not all sweat suits are created equal. Bowen, founder of Fitness On The Weekend dot Com and my aim is to help busy people find time for fitness.

The weight that you lose with plastic sweat suits is therefore temporary. Dangers. Not only is the weight loss from wearing plastic sweat suits temporary, but the water loss can be extremely dangerous. As you prevent your sweat from evaporating, your body is unable to adequately cool itself. This can lead to overheating, which can result in.
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Our Sauna Suits are designed to maximize your weight loss during exercise whilst remaining hardwearing and durable. Our range of Nylon Sauna Suits will not rip like a pvc sauna suit or a vinyl sauna suit.

Using our Sauna Suit on a regular basis combined with a healthy balanced diet will guarantee weight loss results. Our Sauna Suits are designed to ensure minimal air flow is allowed in or out of the suit creating a rise in temperature within the Sauna Suit known as the "sauna effect".

Our patent protected Sauna Suit designs ensure quick weight loss results whilst creating a comfortable durable fit. Wearing the Sauna Suit in any form of physical activity will cause an increase in your body temperature causing your body to sweat. The sauna effect the Sauna Suit creates will generate water weight loss but more importantly will increase your metabolism and calorie burning. This will allow you to maximize your weight loss results during exercise.

Our Sauna Suit range is designed for both Men and Women and we cater for all sizes. The Sauna Suit is used by top sports athletes to the everyday person aiming to lose weight quickly. Please check out our Sauna Suit reviews over the past years from sporting celebrities to satisfied customers on the products and our customer service.

In short, a badly made sweat suit can be dangerous. The original sauna suits by Kutting Weight are made of neoprene, which allows for a bit of ventilation to let out that excess heat. Not only that, but it has ventilation zones to let out all that extra heat. This means that science has proven that these things work to help you shave off those last stubborn pounds.

They are also much more flexible and durable, able to withstand those high-intensity exercises without compromising your movements. Unlike women, who probably enjoy a lot more color in their gear, I know a lot of men would prefer their workout clothes to be a bit low key. These sweat suits from RAD resemble a jacket with a hoodie and drawstring jogging pants. It is actually designed to be a unisex suit. The cuffs are elasticized and the pants have drawstrings that you can pull to adjust to your size.

Once you start using sweat suits in your workouts regularly, you are bound to lose weight. Just put it on and adjust it to fit. These suits are made of EVA nylon and are guaranteed to be durable enough to last you for a long time.

The double stitching also increases its durability so you can do a lot of exercises and rest assured that your suit will hold up. In fact, these suits are even sturdy enough to be machine-washed.

It basically does what a sweat suit is supposed to do—increase metabolism during workouts and make you sweat a lot—and that is basically it. These sweat suits are made of nylon and PVC-coated fabric to trap the heat in while you exercise. It is pretty durable compared to other cheaper sauna suits that basically come apart while you are still putting them on. It comes with a jacket and hoodie as well as drawstring pants, which you can adjust to fit you.

The cuffs are also elasticized. With regards to design, I would say it looks pretty much like a matching set of a jacket and jogging pants. It is black with white strips down the sides of the sleeves and the pants for a more athletic look.

With its blue and black design, it adds the right amount of color to your workouts without being glaring. The jacket comes with elasticized cuffs and a drawstring hoodie to trap in more heat, raising your metabolism and making you sweat the way a sauna suit is supposed to.

The pants also have a drawstring, which you can adjust to fit your waist, especially when you start sloughing off the extra padding with every workout session. These suits are made of a nylon fabric which conceals the PU inner to maximize heat retention for that metabolism-enhancing boost to your workouts. The material is pretty durable enough to be machine washable and is resistant to tearing.

It can be a bit tricky to get out of it the first few times, though. A sweat suit is designed precisely to retain the heat produced by the body.

This heat retention boosts the metabolism and helps you shave off excess pounds in the process. Based on this, you can pretty much just use a couple of garbage bags and sweat your way through it, right? However, trash bags are not very durable and will probably not allow you a great deal of movement. However, a dedicated sweat suit like this Heavy Duty Sweat Suit from 4Fit will allow you to sweat out those flabs without hampering your movement too much or making you look like total, uh, garbage.

This durable outfit is geared towards maximizing your workouts or even just your household chores. Where a garbage bag can restrict your movement and rip easily, this sweat suit is made to withstand even your high-intensity workouts. If the baggy hoodie and drawstring pants combination is not to your liking, 4Fit Inc. This neoprene sweat suit resembles a rash guard and is a lot more form-fitting than their Heavy Duty Sweat Suit.

Unlike the rubberized lining of the Heavy Duty Sweat Suit, this one is made of 3-millimeter extreme Flex DS Neoprene, which is a lot more flexible than PVC and nylon sweat suits, allowing for a greater range of motion when exercising. This same material effectively retains the heat your body produces during workouts to further boost your metabolism and your ability to lose weight.

In short, it maximizes the weight loss from your exercises while affording you an unlimited range of movement. Unlike PVC and nylon, neoprene is also a more breathable material.

While it may effectively lock in the heat you produce during your workouts, it also allows the excess heat to escape, preventing the dire consequences of overheating. You might want to write this off as just another generic sweat suit that looks like an upgrade from a DIY sweat suit made out of garbage bags. But garbage bags are not exactly comfortable, do not afford a great deal of movement, are single use and definitely bad for the environment! Under all that, there is a concealed unique EVA nylon material to trap the heat your body produces during workouts and boost your metabolism.

This sweat suit has a unisex design but the manufacturers advise you to get an oversized one. This adjustability is especially helpful when you lose weight.

Instead of having to buy a new suit, you simply have to pull the strings tighter to fit you. Now, I can see that this is a sweat suit that truly gets it! Where most sweat suits feature unisex designs, the guys over at TNT Pro Series acknowledge the fact that men are different from women in more ways than one. This is why they came up with this neoprene sweat suit that is made specifically for men.

This sweat suit is made of a thick, stretchy neoprene material that is excellent for retaining the body heat produced by exercise but still flexible enough to allow a great range of motion for your exercises. With their revolutionary Comfort-Fit Technology, these guys take it a step further by using your body heat to mold the material into your body. This hits two birds with one stone—body heat retention and unrestricted movement.

Not only that, this sweat suit is pretty breathable, too. Before you go off thinking that it defeats the purpose of a sauna suit, let me tell you it does not. It still keeps you pretty warm, boosting your metabolism and burning off excess fat, but prevents overheating and all its nasty consequences like dehydration and heat stroke.

A sweat suit, also known as a sauna suit, is a waterproof garment that is designed specifically to make the wearer sweat a lot. The first sweat suits were also called rubber suits because they were previously made of rubber or a rubberized type of cloth. These funky suits are now usually made of PVC and look a lot better than the previous rubber suits. Even celebrities have taken to wearing them as a fashion statement. These suits typically consist of a jacket and drawstring pants.

The closures are generally elasticated and designed to retain more heat. Some of them even have a hood to maximize heat retention! Because the sweat suit is designed specifically the way a sauna does—it makes you sweat a lot.

This sweat is believed to carry all those nasty toxins from your system and out your pores. We all know that anything that promises to help you accomplish anything the easy way is more or less a hoax. When I first came across the concept of sweat suits, I was naturally skeptical. Besides, if you lose a certain amount of fluids from overzealous sweating, you are going to run the risk of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, heat stroke, or all of the above.

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